Magic: the Gathering - JOU Release Notes

Journey to Nyx Release Notes including card specific notes posted to the Mothersite today.  Suggesting that players attending the PreRelease Event this weekend may be well served with a review of the document.

For a quick ‘n’ dirty overview pop on over to the MTG Realm Blog:

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Bob’s Burgers - BURGER OF THE DAY

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This shit came out in 2001.

Talk about right on the money.
wow… this is just perfectly applicable to tumblr and it’s notoriously misinformed blog posts that get deconstructed and rebuttal later

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Brute Wyverns in suits - big inspiration from all those awesome monsters in suits I’ve seen so far♥. I excluded the subespecies.

Brute Wyverns © MH/Capcom - Art © yedgart

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